PASHA Asia Pacific ICT Awards – Pitching Startups Training Resource

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Pitching Startups – PASHA Training Resource Guide

Every year we put together a short guide for the PASHA delegation participating at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards. The Pitching startup guide was put together by a group of PASHA mentors based on their assessment of common mistakes made by founders and startup teams while pitching at PASHA events.

Here is the 2013-2014 pre Awards preparation guide for teams presenting to judges at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards. Items (1) to (5) require access to YouTube. Google Spotflux or TOR if that is an issue for you. (6) is a link to a 35 page PDF extract from Reboot which serves as a short course on pitching and is supposed to be read with the Pitching video course.

If you only have time to read one of the posts, read number (7) – The reason why you didn’t win?

1. Pitching video course – YouTube series

2. PASHA APICTA Pitches – 2011 YouTube videos

3. Sample pitches from the SP Jain EMBA Batch

4. Can you change the world with US$10,000

5. Even more SP Jain Pitches

6. Pitching for startup – PDF guide

7. The reason why you didn’t win?

While the SP Jain startup pitches are not perfect they all illustrate some useful principles. Sometime the best way of doing a better job is to look at samples of prior work. That is the objective of sharing what has been done in the past.

Before you look down on them (the EMBA pitches) please remember that in most cases they were put together by EMBA students working on a full time job given less than 12 hours to prepare, present, record and upload their pitches on YouTube.

Best of luck with your preparation. The first round of pitching trials and dry runs will be held in early November. Keep an eye out on the PASHA page (as well as this one) for more updates.