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Monthly Archives: November 2014


PASHA ICT Awards 2014 – Highlights

Highlights – The 2014 PASHA ICT Awards night. While the news about the PASHA Tech Incubator being setup in collaboration and support from Google, Samsung and the US State Department stole the show, the Awards nights have always been a celebration of local talent.  The PASHA


Products vs Services. PASHA ICT Awards Conference 2014.

Products vs Services.  Product or Services.  Product and Services. The event – PASHA ICT Awards Conference – Karachi – 15th November 2014. The product versus services debate has been raging in the local technology industry for as long as we remember. Pakistan’s largest technology companies


Ebola market impact

Ebola market impact Ebola outbreak, which was originally confined to West Africa, now has reported positive cases across Europe and United States of America. In the past the outbreak has always been limited to impoverished Africa, this year’s panic was triggered by the deadly’s virus’s


Dubai weekend photo shoot

Dubai Weekend photo shoot This trip finally found some downtime at midnight and early morning. Used it to capture the Dubai sunrise and sunset from the higher floors of Ghurair center.  Shot with the trusted Canon 70D with the new 55 – 250 IS USM


Karachi Sunsets

The sunset shoot I have always loved shooting sunsets and sun rise.  A bit of weather last few days created some lovely color in the city. Clouds, an extended shower the night before and the crisp fall breeze all conspired together for this shoot to