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Monthly Archives: February 2016


Credit scoring. An alternate approach

Credit scoring – an alternate approach What is credit scoring? Credit scoring is a tool for segregating client credit exposures based on expected default behavior. It uses a number of techniques to grade clients based on their credit worthiness.  From a portfolio and risk management


Iran oil economy. Has spring really come to Tehran?

Iran oil economy. Nowroz comes to Tehran. Nowroz, the Persian New Year arrives 21st March.  As Tehran shrugs off a mild winter there is optimism about coming months. Iran’s journey on the road of isolation ended in December 2015. The flurry of activity it triggered is


Saudi oil strategy. How low can they go?

Saudi oil strategy. How low can they go? The opinion on Saudi oil strategy is divided. Planned mayhem and chaos in exchange for market share versus an over played hand. While we may all have some beef with Saudi Arabia, smart money when it comes to


Russian roulette. Oil prices and Russia

Russian roulette. Oil prices and Russia. All is apparently not well in Moscow. After two years of isolation, internal belt tightening and months of unabated oil price declines, the Russian economy is struggling to answer a core question.  How do you bridge the gap between