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Faisal Khan @Habib University

Thirteen takeaways for graduation – Faisal Khan.

Thirteen takeaways for graduation. The one and only Faisal Khan was in town to attend a family wedding. When we found out that this time his transit in Karachi on his way to Istanbul was going to extend beyond a few days we shamelessly asked

The difference between value and growth investing.

The difference between Value and Growth investing. What is the difference between value and growth investing? How do the two investing models and frameworks differ from each other? Are there points where the two investing styles overlap or merg? Value investing focuses on finding undervalued


Celebrating 7 years of teaching computational finance.

Teaching computational finance to ordinary mortals. Time sure flies when you are having fun. It’s been 7 years and change since we first started this project as an experiment. An initial dump of class notes for my students dedicated to teaching computational finance that over


Slower than the Flash. Bigger than a duck.

Slower than the Flash. Bigger than a duck. The last twelve months have been a big mix of surprises and personal milestones. I have managed to live a year with reduced working hours, limiting office to just the first half of the day. I lost


On rational thinking. Rationality is overrated.

Rationality is overrated. On rational thinking. A few months ago I was asked to address an audience of budding actuaries. As I spoke to them about model building, I touched upon the fatal attraction of rationality in making bigger choices and decisions. Of how it deceives