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Sitting down this afternoon with a widely traveled friend I realized that there is a lot that we now know and take for granted that we didn’t know as fresh graduates. Simple things like the specialized courses we should take, the career focus we should build and the jobs that we should turn down. Stuff that tends to work professionally and stuff that doesn’t.  That there really is no short cut for hard work and in the long run money is irrelevant.

Over the last 12 months, I did a number of posts related to different aspects of a finance career. I hope that this page will grow into a finance careers resource that helps other lost and confused souls especially about careers in finance.  If you have more questions than I have managed to answer here, please feel free to leave a comment behind and I would be happy to take a shot at answering them. In the meanwhile, enjoy the Careers page at Learning Corporate Finance. Welcome to FAQs,  my memories and rants.

  1. Career choices that I made – early professional consulting career – lessons learnt
  2. Finance Careers: The actuarial profession. Questions I get asked as an actuary
  3. Finance Careers: The evolution of a risk manager
  4. Business School Admissions: Answers for the road to your top ten MBA application
  5. Career choices – starting years and my consulting career
  6. Career choices – switching from consulting to investment banking
  7. Career choices – startup land
  8. Career choices – A tale of two startups
  9. Career choices – The Reboot posts on being an entrepreneur
  10. Investment Banking Careers: Finance roles in Banking
  11. The Corporate Finance Training Course Guide and Road Map

MBA course work overview

MBA Guides: My MBA Finance course work at Columbia Business School

Business School Application

Business School Applications: The Four core components of your b school application
B-school: Applying to B-schools – timelines for a B-school application
B School – B School Application Essays – Tips for a great B School application essay
B School Applications-Who should write your B School recommendations?
B School Application- Cracking the GMAT 700 score

Business School Memories

MBA Guides: Business School first year, first term: Case Hell
MBA Guides: Business school first year, first term: Dear Mom and Dad or the MBA contract market
MBA Guides: Business school first year, first term: The fine art of case analysis
MBA Guides: Business school first year, first term: The mid life crisis at 28
MBA Guides: Business school first year, first term: Drama in Real Life

Business School Resources

Online Corporate Finance: The story behind the resource, the free finance courses and solved cases.
Teaching Ethics to business school students

Business School Faculty Interview

MBA Guides: Business School first year: Professor David Biem on investment banking, business school, ethics and academia

MBA Sample projects

Final projects submitted for Advertising Management, Turnaround Management, Tax Factors in Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategy.

MBA Guides: Corporate Finance Training – Advertising strategy for an e-education portal
Master Case: Credit Process: Baldwin Piano
Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp
Good and Bad bosses – A review of leadership trends across the decades
Online MBA: Building a valuation model for an online education business
Online Education – The battle for online MBA – Strategy and Tactics

Business School Recruitment Process

B School Recruitment: Writing cover letters for resumes that work
B School recruitment: Writing cover letters that work for your resume– part ii
B School recruitment: Writing cover letters that work – a cold call

A walk down memory lane

Career choices – The technology industry in the region – two decades ago – part one
Career choices – The FAST computer science schools – two decades ago – part two
Career choices – The regional CS employment scene – two decades ago – part three

Reading Assignments

Start up crash course
Startup Guide
Light reading for a break from Finance: Cryptonomicon and Prayers for an Assassin: Neal Stephenson and Robert Ferrigno
Recommended Readings: 100 books to read before you croak or turn 40

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