Building a supply side model for crude oil

5 mins read What factors would impact crude oil supply side equation in 2019? Russian non compliance, lower breakeven for US producers, higher production, restoration of disrupted supply in Libya and Kurdish Iraq. The list long.

US Energy flow diagram 2017

Modeling demand for liquid fuels

5 mins read How would you model demand for crude oil? What are the key components? What is the long term outlook? Part 3 of our new six part series on energy markets

Liquid fuel production and prices

A model for crude oil prices

8 mins read Setting up the foundation for our crude oil price model. A look at model complexities, expectations, data sources and core thesis. Part II of our new series.

Average annual crude oil prices 1988 - 2018

Making sense of crude oil in 2019.

4 mins read Why is modeling oil prices so complicated? From investment banks to energy policy analysts, every one in the financial services world has been looking for the right model. We take a deep dive in the world of liquid fuels to see if can fare better. Part I of our brand new multipart series.