Derivatives Training: Options Pricing and Products reference

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For a complete reference to equations and calculator referred to in our course catalog, please see the Derivative Pricing and Financial Risk Equation Glossary. For topic specific equations, please see the following links:

If you need something stronger than a simple equation reference, please see the introductory and intermediate courses below on Derivatives and Options products.

Derivatives for Dummies – a first look at options and derivatives

A quick look at basic concepts and vanilla options as well as synthetic manufacturing of options at a higher level of detail. The Derivatives for dummies crash course is followed by an intermediate level course that reviews product variation and basic pricing concepts.

Derivative products

The second course on derivatives and options products digs a little deeper into products, pricing, sensitivities and product variations over ten easy to read chapters. Starting again from vanilla products we touch upon options on currencies and Forex, options on interest rates, forwards, futures an Interest Rate Swaps.

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