Rants, Timelines and Roadmaps – Random musings on starting up

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Random musing of founder – From startup rants and timelines to roadmaps.

Every now and then, I end up making a promise that I can’t keep. A week ago I promised ten young startup teams that I would create a dedicate learning page for them that they could use as a reference guide once we were done with the PASHA Startup Crash Course.

Lo and behold, it is already Friday afternoon and my four month old writer’s block has no sign of disappearing. Since I have to face them early morning tomorrow, I thought the next best thing would be to pick some of the stuff that I have written over the years and share it with them.

While of the stuff dates back to the original dotcom boom (yes unfortunately I am that old and possibly irrelevant), almost everything that deals with the FinanceTrainingCourse.com experience is recent. Remember, don’t trust the printed word (or pictures) and take everything I say with a few grains of salt.

Warming up

Startup Cheat Sheet – The ten things you should not do as a startup

Business Plan Competitions – The reason why you didn’t win

Customers Persona and Profile – Painting your Mona Lisa

What do you do when you startup

What do you do when you startup

What do you do when you startup – three case studies

Building a financial model for your startup

How to correctly use Simulation in your financial models

Hosting lessons for startup – Five things you shouldn’t do

The death of Yahoo.

Forty days that led to last night.

The ten step guide to bombing your product launch

Forums and Platform Discussions

The CIPE Youngling roundtable

Finance Training Course.com – Case Study

FinanceTrainingCourse.com – An unofficial bipolar history

FinanceTrainingCourse.com – From inception to version 3.0

Startup School – It is that time of the year again –

Finance Careers – A tale of two startups

Social Media Sampler for FinanceTrainingCourse.com

From the dusty archives of the Alchemy blog

In the beginning there was alchemy and the alchemya blog. Dated but some interesting nuggets. Proceed at your own risk.

Startup Training Guide – The Alchemy Blog post series

PASHA Startup Training Slide Deck

Startup Roadmap to Credibility