Interest Rate Models: Calibrating CIR and HJM Interest Rate Models

2 mins read

While in earlier training courses we have covered classic interest rate models, in this session we review two more advance Interest Rate Models, the Cox Ingersoll & Ross Model (CIR) and the Multifactor HJM model for projecting the entire forward curve, rather than just the short rate.

If you would like to purchase and download the excel examples covered in this course, please check out our Interest Rate Swap Pricing course store for handy pdf course cheat sheet downloads and solved excel spreadsheets and templates. If you are not familiar with the classic bootstrapping the zero curve technique and using the resulting zero curve to calculate implied forward interest rates (forward curve) you can review a quick refresher below

Modeling the Term structure, zero curve and forward curve

We can then use the interest rate curve to price Interest Rate Swaps

Pricing Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) Basics

Mark to Market (MTM), Pricing and Valuation

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